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The Massage Space FAQ’s

Q: What do I wear during my massage?

A: At The Massage Space we want to ensure that you feel completely comfortable during your treatment, so what you choose to wear is entirely up to you.  Most people either remove all clothing or remove everything except their underwear.  You will be covered by a sheet during the massage and your therapist will undrape according to the area they are working.  

Q: How long of a massage should I schedule?

A: The length of a massage is directly related to how much of your body needs massage.  At The Massage Space we suggest a 30-minute massage for 1-2 regions, for example back and neck; a 60-minute massage for 3-4 regions or 1/2 the body; and a 90-minute massage for a full-body treatment.  Please note that we require a 90-minute session for a full-body massage.

Q: Will the massage hurt?

A: This depends on the type of massage.  At The Massage Space we generally provide more deep tissue therapy, however, we want to provide the type of massage best suited to the individual, so communication is important.  If the pressure is too much you need to let your therapist know.  Everyone prefers different pressure, so unless you speak up your therapist will not always know your taste.  That being said, when receiving deeper work there is a “good” hurt, which is productive, and a “bad” hurt, which causes you to tighten up.  Your massage should always stay in the “good” range and if it crosses the line into the “bad” hurt you need to let your therapist know and ask for less pressure.  The most effective massage works with your body, not against it.

Q: How will I feel after my massage?

A: Most people feel very relaxed and sometimes even sleepy after a massage treatment.  Often times daily aches and pains will have diminished.  If you’ve received deep tissue massage you should expect to be sore the following day or two, like you’ve done a solid workout.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and soak in some epsom salts to help alleviate the soreness.  Results from your massage will last anywhere from hours to weeks depending on your condition and lifestyle.

Q: How often should I get massage?

A: The frequency of treatments varies with your goals.  If there are specific issues you are looking to resolve, then generally once a week for the first 4-6 weeks is ideal.  If you are looking for general pain relief and/or wellness massage, then once a month is ideal.  Massage, like any other wellness practice, is best when received on a regular basis because the results build over time.

Q: How much time during my appointment is actually allotted for hands on massage?

A: At The Massage Space we build in buffer time between each appointment so that you receive the full 30, 60, or 90 minutes of hands on treatment.  Most places deduct 10 minutes of your appointment time to allow for undressing/dressing, but we don’t do that.  If you schedule a 60-minute massage, you get a 60-minute massage.

Q: How much should I tip for my massage?

A: Many people are unsure if or how much to tip their therapist.  We recommend to think of your therapist as you would a server in a restaurant.  Your tip reflects your appreciation and satisfaction for the service you receive.  We also recommend you tip on the full price of your massage, rather than a discounted or promotional price.

Q: Is my massage therapist licensed?

A: All therapists at The Massage Space have received their education from an accredited massage  therapy institution, which means they have completed at least the required number of education credits to graduate with a certificate of massage. 

While massage is not currently licensed in Minnesota, our therapists comply with high ethical and professional standards and pride themselves in their education.

Q: Can I talk during my massage?

A: You can talk as much or as little as you like during your massage treatment.  Your therapist will follow your lead.  Do keep in mind however, that talking will sometimes affect your muscular relaxation, particularly in the shoulders and neck.

Q: What does massage help with?

A: Studies have shown that massage is beneficial for many things, including, but not limited to stress relief, headaches, low back pain, injury recovery and prevention, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, reduced range of motion, muscle adhesions, and muscle recovery.  Massage is used in a variety of settings for a variety of reasons.  Everyone from athletes to senior citizens and even kids can benefit from massage.