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Category: Self-care

So, Your Feet Hurt…?

I recently had a client come in for their monthly appointment and per our usual exchange, I asked if there was anything specific she wanted to focus on. She mentioned 2 things, one of which being her feet. Foot massage, when done well, feels fantastic.  So a client asking for this is nothing new, however […]

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Coffee With Maddi

Q: What’s your go-to coffee drink? A: Dark Roast, black OR Cold Press with vanilla and cream. Q: Where’s your favorite place to get coffee? A: Can I have two favorites? Maeve’s Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis holds a special place in my heart and feels like home. Mary, the owner, is almost always there and […]

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The Massage Space Wellness Philosophy

What is wellness? Wellness seems to be a word that has gained popularity in the last 5-10 years.  We have wellness centers and wellness retreats and wellness this and that, which is a good thing.  But what constitutes wellness?  The simple explanation would be to state that wellness is being well.  But again, what does […]

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