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Coffee With Emily

Q: What’s your go-to coffee drink?

A: The turtle mocha latte from The Coffee Hag in Mankato.

Q: What’s your favorite place to get coffee?

A: The Coffee Hag

Q: Where did you grow up? (childhood, hs, college, etc.)

A: I grew up in a small town west of the twin cities. Spent some time in Mankato and Faribault, but eventually settled back down in that same small town I spent my childhood in.

Q: What interested you in massage?

A: I’ve always felt passionate about helping people. All of my previous working situations were jobs of service/care-taking in more of a medical type setting. I knew that this was an industry I wanted to continue working in, however I had developed a desire to be more involved and connected to the care being given.

After 7 years as a phlebotomist, I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. Not only was I taking a more active role in helping people, but by studying and practicing clinical massage I was also able to continue working in an industry I love.

Q: You specifically mention clinical massage, why do you focus on this type of work?

A: Well, first off, it’s the kind of massage that I enjoy both giving and receiving, and like I previously mentioned, I was really wanting to stay in the health field, but have a more involved role. Once I had decided to follow my interest in massage therapy, it was kind of a given that I would focus on clinical work.

Studying the body on a more scientific level, and understanding the function soft tissue plays, I am able to help people with more specific problems. I wanted the skills necessary to work alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, and in partnership with the medical community as a whole, and clinical massage allows me to do this. By targeting specific muscles, I can help people rebalance and correct different musculoskeletal issues.

Q: Do you remember getting your first professional massage?

A: Yes! It was a lady named Fawn, who recently passed away from cancer. I’ve come to realize that knowing Fawn played a significant role in allowing me to understand health from a more natural perspective. She began as a massage therapist and went on to become a natural path, combining all of her knowledge and modalities to treat her clients. In small town USA, Fawn was a big, big deal.

Q: What’s the best part about being a massage therapist?

A: You know I’m still pretty young in my massage therapy career, so it’s hard to say there’s one thing that stands out. Again, I’ve always had a passion to help people, so the capacity at which I get to do that is pretty cool. In general I just love my job. I have fun with it. And I’m excited to continue learning and growing as I continue on this path.

Q: If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be?

A: We all get so busy with schedules, and plans, and this and that, and most of the time that means we forget about taking caring of ourselves. We push ourselves until we are completely drained or in so much pain that we miss out on life. So if I had one piece of advice it would be find the time to take care of yourself. Let me re-phrase that, it’s not finding the time, it’s making it. Make time to take care of yourself.

Q: When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free-time?

A: I really enjoy just spending time with my family. Whether it’s doing projects around the house or camping and being on the lakes during the warm months, if I’m with people I care about then all is well.

Q: Any closing statements?

A: Choose love, not fear.